Who We Are

KMFP Board of Trustees

William Seaman, Chairman/President

Isaiah G. Cooper, Vice President

Roxanne English, Trustee, Board Secretary

Ken Connors, Trustee

Stuart Goodwin, Trustee, Board Treasurer  
Byron Shafer, Trustee
Deborah Vincent, Trustee
Natalie Smith, Trustee

Officers and Staff

Isaiah G. Cooper, Executive Director

Sherry Hill, Associate Director

Natalie Smith, Operations Director/Buyer

Member Churches of the Ministerium
Bayshore Christian Fellowship - Keyport
Calvary United Methodist - Keyport
Community Church - Keyport
Faith Reformed Church - Hazlet
First Baptist Church - Keyport
Gethsemane Lutheran Church - Keyport
Grace United Methodist Church - Union Beach
Second Baptist Church - Keyport
St Johns United Methodist Church -Hazlet
St Mary-The Virgin Episcopal Church - Keyport
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