New Building Project
Now you can "own" a piece of the New Pantry building
through our Pathway to Success!  program.
Building Fund So Far
Grant opportunities to assist us with our upcoming new facility is an ongoing process. We graciously accept all donations – “No donation is ever too small!”

Note:  The total amount shown includes the Community Development Block Grant of $134,375 and any donations raised from the Pathway to Success! program.
Thank you to the following for their support:
New Building Project Donors January – December 2012
Anonymous Donors – NC, NH, NJ, PA
Borough of Union Beach Mayor and Council, NJ
Borough of Keyport Mayor and Council, NJ
Middletown United Methodist Church, NJ
M/M A. Benkert, NJ
M/M J. Jeandron, NJ
Mr. R. Martinek, NJ
Ms. N. Sanborn, NJ
Ms. V. Best, NJ

In Honor of
Sarah R. Carman’s 97th Birthday – Mr. J. Carman, MD
Sarah R. Carman – Mr. F. Stas, NH

In Memory of
Charles T. Curtis – Ms. B. Curtis, NJ
Don Duthie – Mr. A. Bruno, NJ
Don Duthie – Ms. L. Adams, TX

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